Joro Olumofin speaks: Does your boyfriend or girlfriend need to know details about all your past sexual escapades or relationships?


I read an interesting article yesterday about a man who called off his wedding 2 months to the date because he found out his fiancé had slept with one of his friends years before he even met his fiancé, he attacked her saying why
didn’t you tell me?

She responded: “Am I meant to tell you about all the men I’ve been with? He later went on social media to put her on blast calling her disloyal and shady.. Question is, should you tell your current boyfriend/girlfriend about your past sexual encounters/ relationships or is it TMI ( Too much Information) ?

Counsellors and Social Psychologist alike always encourage and attribute openness as a key factor in the growth and prosperity of relationships but how open can you be? Why give a tell-all or a list of your past lovers and details to someone who isn’t your husband or wife. Some people may even argue that their husband or wife aren’t entitled to such information because they may not be able to handle what they hear.

This issue requires a situational solution as we all have different orientations and different lovers or partners. The way we relate to our significant other is different from other people. In my opinion, relationships are meant to be a fresh start, blank slate ( tabular rasa ), a place where everyone one is free, plus no one should be entitled to details about your past relationships excerpt your current boy/girlfriend knows someone you dated or had a fling with. In which case, it’s better and safer she/he hears it from you than a third party who may add to the story or paint you in a certain light.

We must also look at the behavioral factor influenced by the society because men can freely talk about their sexual history even if they had 20 partners in the past and not get criticized but women can’t because of the cultural stereotypes attached to being a lady…… n d universal law dt states that: “Always multiply d number of people ur gf claims to av slept wt by 50 n divide d answer by 0.5.”…..

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