Help! My babymama disappeared with our triplet


Dare’s account: “I need assistance in tracking this lady, Nkiruka Obi. She is based in Ugeli, Delta State. She ran away with my babies, triplet. She gave birth to them on Feb 26, 2014. My family and I went to the hospital to pay the bills and also to see her and the babies, but
when we got there she was gone. We later found out that she left the hospital the same day. We then went to the address which she said to be her home address ( No 110 Low Cost Estate, Ugeli ) and found out there was no such address.

She later called to give some reasons for her act. We then made arrangement to meet her and her family for formalities and engagement. Everything was going on fine. They gave us a date to come over. On the day of the naming ceremony, which was at my place in Lagos, non of her family came over. All they did was send names over the phone and gave excuses for their absence. Nkiru and I talk on phone every day. I didn’t know she was actually playing games with me.

She kept on telling me not to come over yet due to some reasons that there was a fight in her place in Ugeli which I later found out to be lies. I still have not seen any of my babies for 5 Months now. All she does was make me hear their voices and send pictures over the phone. When I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and must go to her, we then both agreed to meet on Monday, 13th of July 2015.

All of a sudden, by late Friday, 10th of July, all her phones were switched off. I then tried calling who she said to be her parents, but their phones were also off. As of today, I still haven’t heard from any of them. After making some research, I found out this is not the first time she is doing such. Now am scared she has plans to sell my babies as I found out that’s what they do now.

Nigerians, please help me get my babies back. Nigerians, is this how IGBO people behave? Is it because I am YORUBA? Please contact me if you have any information regarding her whereabouts or any of her family. PLS HELP ME. I AM IN PAIN. PHONE NO : 08182617076. Dare – Nigerian Human Right Activist….. Gist credit: @beyonce…..

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