Police is your friend but this suspect recently died in their custody and his corpse has disappeared


Mr. Oghenejabor Ikimi, a human rights activist and lawyer, is calling on the AIG of Police, Zone 5, Benin, Edo State, to order an independent and impartial inquest into an alleged extra-judicial killing of Mr. Ejovi Edaferiemu, a mechanic, by
police in Delta State and the disappearance of his corpse.

He also complained about the unlawful arrest and continuous detention of Mr. Abdullahi Shaibu, a commercial tricycle driver, since June 15. Police officers from “B” Division, Warri, on June 15, arrested Edaferiemu and Shaibu for allegedly abandoning a stolen vehicle near the former’s workshop in Warri and subjected them to inhuman treatment. .
He said: “One of our clients was granted access, on June 25, to see and speak with one of the suspects, who informed our client that Mr. Ejovi Edaferiemu and himself were arrested at the same time by the men of “B” Division, Warri.

Shaibu revealed that that Edaferiemu was tortured to death in his presence on June 18, by men of the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Asaba, after both of them were transferred to Asaba. .

Shaibu said it was just by God’s grace that he survived the various prolonged tortures, both at “B” Division, Warri, and at SCID, Asaba. He said it was after Edaferiemu’s death that he was rushed to the hospital for treatment after he collapsed from the tortures meted out on him.”…… ds will certainly make d police lose millions of their besties…..

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