Freeze releases picture evidences of the domestic violence he suffered from his ex-wife


Many didn’t believe the first story he shared about it. Now he backs it up with picture proves. Below are the captions: “One of the many injuries I received from my violent ex which also include a broken nose which still
negatively affects my state of wellbeing.

A deep cut I sustained from her throwing a cup at me because I dared question her returning home intoxicated at 11.45pm on a weekday.

This is how deep the cut was and how close to my temple. I need to speak up once and for all! Men if you are in such a relationship DON’T FIX IT! RUN!!!!


A bruise I sustained from domestic violence inflicted upon me by my ex.

Deep scratches on my neck!

Another incident when my ex tried to strangle me! Do you want more pictures? I can go on for weeks posting these pictures. I used to be like this at least 2ce every month. Yet my Pastor adviced me to stay and that divorce is a sin…..After the separation I realized that my life was far more important than the institute of marriage. Every moment spent with an abusive partner COULD BE YOUR LAST! Leave while you can! I have chosen not to speak up until now for my children’s sake. But when a woman believes she has been scorned because of a horrible past that was no fault of mine and transfers the aggression to me and is hell bent on destroying my very essence I must speak! I speak for every broken man, every battered man and every abused man who is suffering endlessly and needlessly in the hands of a woman because of ‘marriage’ to gather the strength to speak now!….. OMG, ds woman may end up in jail if Mr. President sees ds…..

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