Over Kenyan girls, Nigeria and Tanzania boys stage bloody fight


Last month, some Kenyan women staged a protest in Kiambu claiming most of their men have failed to perform their conjugal rights by being unable to impregnate them due to their extreme alcoholism. They even threatened
to move outside Kiambu to other counties where they can find real men who are serious enough to impregnate them. This suggestion seems to be stimulating some positive response, at least for some young university girls.

On Friday morning, a group of Nigerian and Tanzanian boys from private university in Nairobi engaged in a bloody battle over some Kenyan girls at Roysambu, Nairobi. They were at a “shisha” bar when a disagreement arose over the girls. The quick-witted and extremely horny Tanzanians grabbed the girls and made to leave with them to their rented apartments for quick sessions. This enraged the Nigerians who also hoped to discover the secret most Kenyan women hold.


The Tanzanians were forced to abandon their Subaru cars after a hot pursuit by the Nigerian boys who then vandalized their cars while shouting obscenities. One of the sweet girls got injured in the eye by a broken glass….. Tanzanians living in Nigeria av vowed to vandalize d cars of Mr. president jst to prove dt nobody has d monopoly of violence….

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