How Jidenna crowdfunded $3,000 for his father’s burial


The USA based man that owned last weekend after revealing that he had to bring in lots of AK47 assault riffles and many military commandos to his father’s burial in Nigeria because light skinned people are always being kidnapped was actually too broke
to sponsor his own trip to Nigeria back then. This was according to a letter written in 2010 by Fear & Fancy, a social club that Jidenna co-founded. Here is an excerpt of the letter as obtained from the sites website:

Dear friends, On February 18, 2010, Chief Oliver Udemmadu Ogbonnia Mobisson, Jidenna’s father, made the transition from life to death. The death of a father and husband is something no one can ever prepare for, and the death of a chief in the Igbo culture, of which the Mobissons are a part, entails many specific responsibilities, trips, and ceremonies.

In the coming weeks, Jidenna and his family will be taking on all of these responsibilities, trips and ceremonies, with little time and funding. They have valiantly assumed these duties in the face of their grief, but are still in great need of help from each and everyone of us in order to do all that must be done. It is imperative that we rise to the occasion, as they have, and offer more than our condolences. There are very specific needs that must be addressed, all of which with we can help.

How You Can Help
The family must travel to Nigeria to bury Professor Mobisson in his village of chieftaincy. Jidenna needs to personally raise $3,000 in order to cover his airfare and accommodations for this trip. Any funds that you can allocate to this end would be most helpful and most appreciated at this time. In order to meet their needs, the family is requesting such resources by April 1st….. Obama is now wondering where he got the money to bring in loads of AK47……

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