How a man defiled his 6-year-old daughter, 4-year-old son and wife’s sister, tweeter reveals


The shocking revelation was made this afternoon by a Twitter user. And here is the story: “A family friend of mine has been having issues with her husband (he beats her). So the family has been coming to ours to settle disputes. We didn’t know there
was so much more going on. Apparently woman’s sister had gone to spend the holiday at theirs and her husband raped her.

They swept it under the carpet, the woman’s family that is, for “peace sake”. She stayed married to the beast. Now, yesterday my mom came home extremely distressed. She told us this man had been having sex with his six year old daughter. A 6 year old girl. You’d think that is all. Their 4 year old son had gone to his mom to complain about how ‘the thing daddy did to his bum bum” is paining him.

The woman confronted her husband and he brushed it aside as childish talk. Oh and this woman had been complaining prior to this, about how the man fingers their daughter while bathing her. No one did anything about it. Now here is the shocker. The man gave their 4 year old son his phone to record him having sex with their 6 year old daughter.

The woman found the video, moved out and finally told the police. Now, the woman’s father is insisting the case be withdrawn from the police, again, for peace’s sake. I don’t know what to do but I know God will punish me if I hear this and not do anything. These are people I know. People, please, marriage is not by force. The whole point of marriage is not being married but having a life partner and companion.

That man should just pray the police handles this lol because jungle justice is sweeter.”……. After seeing d tweets, United Nations av reached out to d narrator to give them d wife’s contact so as to make her a UN peace ambassador……

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