Deep shit: NDLEA finally sets up panel to probe Davido over ‘FANS MI” video. Director speaks


The news hit the media few weeks back. But now we have more details from the horse’s mouth. The Director of Public Affairs of Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, told newsmen on Saturday that the investigative panel might
invite the hip-hop artiste for questioning if the need arose. His words: “I am aware that a panel is working on it (the video). .

The panel was set up soon after the video was released few weeks ago. When our attention was drawn to it, we viewed it and we discovered that it was improper. There is no moral lesson in it and
he was just advertising drug trafficking. In the video, he exchanged a brief case supposedly containing narcotics for dollars. He was displaying affluence in the video. If it (the plot) had climaxed in an arrest and possible detention, we would have congratulated him for partnering with us. .

But the way he portrayed drug trafficking in the video was a means to an end, which the end is a life of affluence which weNdisagree with.” Ofoyeju said the anti-drug agency would conduct a full-scale investigation into the making of the video and to confirm whether it was censored before its release. The NDLEA spokesperson further said: “We are looking at the issue holistically.

We believe that there should be a body that was supposed to censor videos before they go out. Those are the things we want to investigate and verify. Was the video submitted for approval? If it was submitted, why was it approved, with such content?”….. wt Buhari in power, he can’t buy his way out of this wt his father’s money n so ds might d end of his already dwindling career. So sad……

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