After a 5-year chase, guy dumps Lagos lawyer for another girl


In a series of tweets, Barrister Adahna has revealed how her boyfriend, who chased her for 5 years since their university days, dumped her after they started dating. Her account: “He always went, ‘If you know how much I love u & have loved u since all
these years (5years), U go dey happy…’ & ‘I don marry u finish.’ I always replied ‘O…I hear’ and he’d squeeze his face.

I never really loved him, but I was getting to like him. Every time he says ‘I love you’ I say, I hear. I gave him so many other reasons, he said he was ready to face them. I finally said let me enter relationship na. With manage. One time, he used a girl’s pic for so long. He said it was his cousin who was getting married. I showed a friend the picture of the girl, my friend said she knew the girl & that she just got engaged to a boy that was my boyfriend’s namesake.

It still didn’t disturb me. A drug reaction incident happened to me and I had time to reflect on how my boyfriend was not my dream person. I decided I was gonna end it, slowly. So I no go break his heart. One day I was going through pictures with my friend on my phone, I showed her boyfriend’s picture. Only for her to tell me see, he was the person she knew husband-to-be.

My first reaction was LMA0. Then I was in shock. I still calmed down. But I withdrew with sense. What if my friend’s claim was unfounded? The weekend of their introduction I found out but no pictures as proof. Guy said we need to have ‘the talk.’ I knew what was going to happen was break up. so I told him we could talk on BBM. We did. He gave me the same reasons I gave for not accepting to date him since university days.

I formed heartbroken and distraught. Informed I don’t understand, what did I do wrong I asked him? He said ‘It was him, not me’. We sha ended. I was relieved. I would’ve hated myself if I was in love. Jesus! I would’ve quit work or taken a sick leave for like 2 months. At least. l’m now one of those ‘My boyfriend got married to another girl, people sha. I’m singu and searching, by the way.”… moral of d story, never truly luv ur boyfriend

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