Union Bank claims man withdrew N4.3m from his own account after his death


Dr Chidiebere Emmanuel Nwanja, a young medical doctor, died in a motor accident on his way to his wedding on October 10, 2013. Now his family members are saying Union Bank told them the dead man used ATM card to make the withdrawals of about N4.3m from
his own account in Union Bank in Kaduna few weeks after his death.

According to THE SUN, a family source said: “When Chidiebere died, we discovered that his mobile telephone number had been blocked. We were surprised because no member of our family told the GSM service provider that Chidiebere had died. So, we took up the matter and it took some time before the line was reactivated.

We got the shock of our lives after reactivating the line. As soon as we switched on the phone, we began to receive alerts of withdrawals from his account. All the withdrawals were made after he had died and had been buried. During his life time, he did not use ATM cards but in death, he applied for ATM card from the bank in Kaduna and started withdrawing all the
money in his account. .

Worse still, Chidiebere was not the owner of all the money in the account. One of his brothers who went abroad in search of greener pastures was sending money to Chidiebere to keep for him. Now, the brother is back and Chidiebere’s corpse had withdrawn all the money as the bank wants us to believe.”….. we even told d gods abt d story, bt they all shouted “taah!!! Na lie,” all at once……

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