In Austria, Nigerian man in police custody dies under controversial circumstances


According to Global Reporters, Kingsley Chinagorom Echeta, 31, from Imo State died in police custody in Vienna, Austria. His wife-to-be, Ms. Patricia Urbanek made the revelation when interviewed. Patricia who has a child, Adaeze, for
Kingsley said she believes his death wasn’t natural.

She said his phone had been switched off since Monday, a situation that only occurs when arrested because of documents. She later went to Landesgericht (regional court) to find out if he was there, and if she could see him. They told her that he had been there but had already been released. On Friday, she went to the police station in Rudolfstiftung after she got a letter from the ambulance that they had taken Kingsley to the hospital on Tuesday morning.


There, they told her that Kingsley had died on Tuesday. She then went to see his dead body. She said she saw that he had a fresh open wound on his left eye, and his mouth was swollen up. Somewhere around his neck was also open. She would like him to be buried in Nigeria because his biggest wish was to see his mother, his father and his family. He has not seen them for almost 7 years. He said if they get married, and he gets his documents they would go to Nigeria to see his family…. R.I.P to him……

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