“Nobody Goes To Heaven Because Nobody Goes To Hell Fire,” Nigerian transgender writes a book attacking God


Miss Stephanie Rose is formerly a man called Dapo Adaralegbe, a former law student of OAU. The alumnus of Kings College and son of a former Dean of Faculty of Education, OAU, was expelled in 2001 over gay related accusations. Dayo, a dual citizen of Nigeria and America, fled Nigeria

shortly and now resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She recently wrote a book and has been posting excerpts from it on her Facebook wall. Here are a few:

“ROSE EXPLODES …. That Jesus Christ is not God of this wicked World, and that the actual God is very wicked and evil, best explains why the World is plagued with endless human suffering and the indifference of such devilish Abrahamic God towards human suffering and plights. ALL RELIGIONS ARE TRUE, Jesus Christ is myth not a reality of the wicked and indifferent God of this World! For the Children of Sodom and Gomorrah would have done much better and prospered more exceedingly if the ” foolish God ” had given them the same fair opportunity in life.


A daft and senseless God that prevented their progress in life and instigated their destruction is the epitome of all evil and wickedness. Jesus Christ is not a valid example of such occultist God of this World. I HATE GOD, FUCK HIM. Such wicked and useless God can go fuck himself and eat shit.


That is not a good God but a very foolish and useless skydaddy! A God that destroys people’s lives and destroys their bright hopes in life is a very wicked Maggot! A God that instigates violence, instigates humiliation, instigates rejection, instigates bloodshed and instigates the killing of people is a pervert and a very devilish idiot! .

People do not understand the kind of God they claim they love. That is why prayers remain unanswered, that is why people die prematurely because such useless God is too wicked to care about lives, rather such hopeless God is concerned about the destruction of lives as he did to Sodom. I see God worshippers as shit worshippers!”…. d book will b launched at Eko Hotels, Lagos by next week……


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