Man disappears after wife delivers 3rd set of twins in Lagos


According to Ruth, 34, her husband, Emeka Benjamin Uche, a Lagos factory worker, fled since February when he learnt she was carrying another set of twins. In 2009 when she first conceived, she was delivered of two girls – Goodness and Goodnews. The
2nd conception, two years later, produced another two, named John and Joyce.

But when her husband, learnt that the 3rd pregnancy was another set of two he fled their number 32, Awori Street, Agege to an undisclosed location in Ikorodu, Lagos. The 3rd set of twins arrived last month. They were named Daniel and Daniella.
She recalled that she never wanted the 3rd pregnancy, but her use of traditional means of family planning ( counting fertile and infertile days ) failed her. Mrs. Uche explained that her husband, a factory worker in Iju Road, Agege, has since refused to pick her calls…… cuz rumor has it dt God hasn’t finished wt her yet…….

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