Handsome transgender: Meet the world’s First FTM ( Female To Male ) body building champion


He now goes by the name Shawn Stinson, he is a former DJ, born Shawna as a woman. He was a soldier in the Prime Marine Corps from 1998- 2005. He is now a personal trainer and health fitness coach and, in 2014, he won the 1st annual FTM Body
Building Competition. According to Shawn engaged to girlfriend, Chiquita Redd Ingram, he “transitioned without knowing he was transitioning”.


In 2008, after feeling weird and knowing something wasn’t right and still being unaware of what a transman was, he went to a surgeon who had never done FTM Top surgery before and said, “This is what I want. I have the money just do it”. Then in 2010, while watching a special on TV about a transgender man, he realized that he was not the only one. It was at that point, he came to understand and be able to put a name to what he was, a transgender man.


Once he realized this, he began medically transitioning by starting hormone therapy. When asked what he would say to his cis-gender counterparts if given the opportunity he responded, “We’re all the same. At the end of the day everyone has something, whether you make it public or not, that people shun you for in your life.


It could be that you had sex before marriage, married outside of your race, the list goes on and on and on. So be considerate of things that other people are going through. We’re no different than anybody else. We’re all the same. We’re human beings. It’s all about respect. That’s all we want at the end of the day– equality, right? To sum it up, try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Think about struggles or whatever that you’ve gone through and compare.”….. b4 u start shouting end time things or end time is really near…..


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