Between Ayanlola Abduljelil and Governor Fayose over his plans to appoint illiterates


Few days ago, the Ekiti State governor hinted that he would be appointing some illiterates into his cabinet and Ayanlola asked him some salient questions on Twitter. The governor has now taken to the same platform to respond to him with
few tweets. His response: “@owolabitaiwo Some of these so-called illiterates are more knowledgeable than those who are educated. They are illiterates by circumstances.


I will appoint illiterates as part of my govt because not being literate does not make anyone less intelligent than those who are educated. Those illiterates voted massively for me to become governor, nothing should preclude them from serving in my govt.

I don’t believe in “use and dump” mentality. Rather, those who contributed to my election must be part of my govt. Okada riders, farmers,etc. A lot of people did not go to school, not because they never wanted to or they lacked intellect, but because they could not afford to go to school

The same people that are criticising me now also criticised my stomach infrastructure idea. Now they are doing the same thing.”…. I’m sure dt wen I appoint a mechanic as a commissioner for health by next week, Lagos State governor wld follow suit by d following week…..

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