Brave heart: Nigerian gay rights activist narrates how he got a homophobic Nigerian kicked out of a barber shop


The scenario played out in London and Bisi Alimi decided to share it on Facebook to help us learn a thing or two. He said: “So I went into a Nigerian barber shop around my house. A conversation was going on and a man, in very strong Ibo accent was

talking about Jonathan, the anti gay law and Buhari. I walked in, and picked the line, I paraphrase “I think the best thing Jonathan did was that gay law, why man go dey yash another man, not even animal will yash another animal. .

Look at this useless country and what it is turning into, many marrying man and woman marrying woman, very disgusting people. That can never happen in my country”. So I turned to him, stopped him and told him I am gay and he has no right to say that. I turned to the nice barber and said, I am walking away as you allowed such unintelligent bigot in your space to be spewing rubbish.

Barber knowing he is about to lose a customer, ordered the idiot out, but not before he turned to me, apologized and said his view is not the view of the shop. Moral of the lesson, when you experience bigotry, challenge it, don’t go home and think about it. Number 2, Nigerians are not categorically homophobic or stupid.”…… I jst wish Bisi cld come to 9ja by December to replicate ds feat. We need more bold ppl like him……

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