Buhari appoints his Chief Of Staff. Meet him


Colonel Hamid Ibrahim Alli is a brave Kano Prince. He was a military governor of Kaduna state and a diehard IBB boy who is reputed to have made the statement “I can follow IBB to war blindfolded” to show how much
he believed in IBB as a general. .

But that didn’t stop him from looking IBB in the face and telling him he was wrong on the case of the annulment of June 12 1993 elections. He lost his commission because he refused to support the annulment of the June 12 election and Abacha’s takeover of government instead of handing over to MKO. .

Despite his famous dislike for MKO, whom he saw as an arrogant man, he insisted justice and fairplay must be done. He demanded MKO be sworn in even if he was a devil. He left the Army and government unceremoniously, a simple man without money or scandal. According to reports, he is into poultry farming and still drives a 504 Peugeot….. n still flashes his friend n at times sends “please call me,” SMS to them cuz he is too broke to call them

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