Beninoise wife poisons husband over boyfriend in Lagos


Kwenume Ojo, 17, killed her husband, Jimoh Ojo, 32, last Friday on Apolo Street, the Makoko, Yaba area of Lagos by putting poison in his drink and forcing it down his throat while he slept. Kwenume took the poison from a relative of her boyfriend
after she was forced to marry Jimoh. Jimoh’s in-law, Rotimi Akinlagun, said, “Jimoh was a carpenter. When he was born, he fell sick and that affected his health as he became retarded.

When he became mature, we decided to get him a wife. We started asking around for anybody who could give him a wife. Kwenume’s father heard and he contacted Jimoh’s family. He gave them Kwenume to become Jimoh’s wife. She had no choice in the matter. Kwenume’s father took the decision to prevent her from marrying her boyfriend, who he did not like.

The dislike stemmed from the maltreatment of Kwenume’s sister, who was married into the boyfriend’s family. She was brought to me and we took her to Jimoh’s hometown in Yewa, Ogun State. He was going there to make love with her. After six months, she became pregnant and we brought her back to Lagos State.”

After giving birth, she became attracted to her former boyfriend and she started visiting him. She met his elder brother, Wensu, an herbalist, who gave her the poison to put in her hubby’s drink so she could marry the boyfriend…… in a wedding they’re ignorantly expecting Bellanaija to cover n even post on their Instagram page……

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