Naija of God? Kehinde Badmus asks as he blasts Nigerians comparing USA to Sodom & Gomorrah


The openly gay Nigerian who now resides in USA shared the post yesterday. He said: “You know I just can’t help but love my Nigerian people. Electricity, we don’t have. Security of human lives is almost non-existent. You have to hire your own
security. Good roads are far in between. Malaria is still killing our children. Governance is a big comedy show as lawmakers are bent on making the present government inefficient due to internal party politics.

Because we don’t understand democracy just yet. Civil servants are not paid salaries and elected officials continue to loot the treasury dry. Yet, some of our Facebook timelines are reeking of ‘how God will judge America for legalizing Sodom and Gomorrah.’ Don’t you ever get tired, you bunch of hypocrites who cannot call on God to take our nation out of pitch darkness since 1960? .

A nation of imported religionists who believe in the choice of a God they have never seen but cannot respect the choice of fellow human beings who do them no harm. The openly gay Nigerian who now resides in USA shared the post yesterday. May the god of iron, ogunlakaaye, the god of chickenpox, sonponna , and the god of thunder, sango, open your eyes to know that marriage as defined by an average Nigerian today is a foreign idea. .

Our fathers married/marry tens of wives in the West. Our underage girls – as young as 12yrs- were/are given away in marriage in the North. Our women married other women in the East so they can procreate. And what Gomorrah are y’all talking about? Is it the one where Lots’ daughters rape their fathers in turns so they can have children. Or is it the one Lot would rather have his wicked neighbors gang-bang his daughters than the men in his care – because girls lives don’t matter? What Sodom are y’all talking about, Naija of God? Wake the fuck up and ‪#‎Live‬……. he’d at d International Conference Centre, Abuja by next week to shed more light on d issue. Be there!…..

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