Alibaba writes about the bashing BankyW received after losing his phone


BankyW lost a phone yesterday and he sent out a message to the thief only for people to start attacking him for the move. Now comedian Alibaba has come to his aid. Here is an excerpt: “BankyW posted something to show how angry he was with
the theft of his phone. Some sympathized while some thought he should stop whining about the phone, BECAUSE HE GOT IT FOR FREE.

That is the reason I decided it was the right time to post my take on BEING A BRAND AMBASSADOR. Obviously, a lot of people think the pecks anyone enjoys from a corporation that selects you as a brand ambassador is FREE. You wish! The word SELECT is not a lucky dip when it comes to brand ambassador dynamics. Whatever you get as a brand ambassador is not “dash”.

We have become a society that sees anything anyone gets as free. We do not think it was worked for. We beef people who work hard to acquire anything & even use the usual phrase “DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE THAT CAN FEED?” Now let me show you how the phone that stolen was not free. Every creative person has nothing but his or her talent to sell. Just as the lawyers have their talents in providing you services in court.

So, when the talent is well galvanized & delivered to the public, it pays up with popularity, wealth (sometimes) and job satisfaction. Brands who need wings of popularity to perch on then SELECT you based on what they want to achieve. Whatever pecks you get become payment for helping the brands to connect with the goals they visualized. If you did not work to build something that the brand think brings a VALUE PROPOSITION to the table you get nothing.

The attitude of people… to think working hard to build a brand, that another multi million brand sees & believes in & decides to ride on, is nothing and count the benefits as free, is one more reason we have lost all values for hard work & appreciating same. If you worked hard to enjoy the benefits of your job, DO! Theft is theft!.”…… unfortunately, he didn’t specified d recipients of ds short story bt one thing is certain, it’s either for those bashing BankyW or 4d gods….

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