How K-Solo betrayed me and stole my song – Xabitee


Oluwabukola Ige who goes by the stage name Xabitee is nursing a wound inflicted on his heart by a trusted ally of his and colleague in the music industry, Oyeniyi Solomon a.k.a K-Solo, a former superstar producer and brain behind
most of Timaya’s hits early in his career.


Xabitee is claiming K-Solo is not only a betrayer, he is also a thief! Recounting his ordeal in the hands of K-Solo emotional Xabitee had this to say; “K-Solo is someone that I like and respect a lot. We see ourselves more as brothers than colleagues and I didn’t expect that he could betray me by stealing my song “Yaayi,” and even going ahead to release the song without my knowledge!

I recorded the song “Yaayi” in the studio of Dotun Taylor with FM Tune as the producer. Out of trust, after the recording, which I did with all the life savings, K-Solo came to my house and with my own one mind to him, I told him I just recorded a new jam and he asked me to play the song for him on my phone which I did, while playing the song for him I left my phone with him, unknown to me, he had transferred my song through flash share to his phone without telling me, that’s the beginning of the mess I find myself in today.


K-Solo clandestinely took my song, put his voice and released it just like the way I sang my own. With the same lyrics and beat. I am feeling so bad right now and I’m at a crossroad. I’m shocked that K-Solo that has benefited immensely from his friendship with me could plot my downfall. Unfortunately, K-Solo, rather than admit his atrocities, has been lying to people that he’s the original owner of the song.”


Saddened Xabitee, who was already crying at the time he was explaining this, concluded on this sad note: “Presently, I’m already at the verge of losing a multimillion Naira recording deal now including the video that is meant to be shot for “Yaayi” due to this ugly incident, I don’t know what I have done wrong to K-Solo for me to deserve this kind of act of wickedness from him.”…… Jst wen u tot d list of those who Buhari wld send to jail for stealing was complete, ds pops up……

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