Yabatech students sleeping in the classroom — Tomisin Oye writes



Here is his report: “Things have worsened in Yaba College of Technology after the school has refused to begin the sale of hostel accommodation form, a month after resumption. The school authority has given no reason for
it and the students suffer and go through a lot. Its bad to see students who come from different parts of the country and have no relative in lagos sleep in classrooms to meet up with lectures and assignments.


Most of them have resorted to sleeping in classes. It is very bad to see students wash their clothes and dry it in classroom to the extent of taking their bath outside classes and all corners of the school very early in the morning around 4 a.m. It has been happening for many years and nothing is done about it.

We need the authorities to see this because it is inhumane.”…… d sad thing is dt d classrooms don’t even av A.Cs n heating systems to make it conducive….

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