After killing his babymama, man turns himself in at the police station


Michael David, 31, a carpenter from Delta State owned up to the murdered of Oyinyechi Dennis at Ojoku area of Lagos State. He gave the report of what led to it thus: “Oyinye is the mother of my son, although I did not marry her legally but when she
became pregnant for me, I went to her aunty and uncle who she was living with for introduction. We then started living together.

But we had a misunderstanding and then she packed out of my house. On Tuesday morning, she came to my house, I thought she just came to visit me but I later saw her mood and knew something was wrong. She confronted me with an issue she heard. She said I was spreading rumor about her living a wayward life style and not sleeping at home.

She asked me if I was behind the rumor and I told her yes, that I had noticed it since she left my place. Out of anger, she picked up a bottle, broke it and threatened to deal with me and we began to fight. While we were fighting, I overpowered her and took the broken bottle from her. She rushed again to where the knife was and picked the knife.

Out of anger, I collected the knife from her and mistakenly stabbed her in the stomach with the knife, shortly after she died. After my action, I sat for sometime thinking of what to do, whether to run away or go to the police station to report myself. I then decided to report myself at Tolu Divisional Police Station.”…… where he hopes to b rewarded for his honesty by being given a one-room self-contain wt an insecticide treated mosquito net in KiriKiri maximum prison……

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