NDLEA discovers 3 illicit drug labs run by a Nigerian kingpin


The 3 clandestine laboratories used for illegal mass production of methamphetamine, were detected in Akubuezem Nnewi, Anambra State, while the owner, Chukwunwendu Sylvester Ikejiakwu, a.k.a. Blessed, has been arrested. Ikejiakwu is also
the leader of an international drug trafficking syndicate. He shuttles between his country home in Ozubulu, Nnewi and No. 2, St, James Close, Ajao Estate, Isolo where he resides in Lagos for his drug business.

He is the group managing director of the Blessed Group of Companies. He hides under the cover of motorcycle parts business in running a drug cell that has international affiliation. His companies include Blessed Benita Global Limited, Ideal Motorcycle Company Limited and God’s Special Enterprise Limited. He specializes in recruiting and sponsoring drug couriers to China, Malaysia, Turkey and Italy.


He also pays his couriers an average of $5,000 per trip. He hired one Raphael, a professional methamphetamine cook, to work for him. Raphael is paid N500,000 for his service and N700,000 for the purchase of precursor chemicals per production cycle. Ikejiakwu has two Nigerian international passports and one of Ghana, all bearing his photographs with different names. The NDLEA is investigating over 16 bank accounts belonging to him in different banks.

He was said to have a Toyota Venza with vehicle registration No AAA 18 BP, a Peugeot 406 with vehicle registration No FST 587 AS, a Q5 Audi 4-Runner with vehicle registration No EPE 546 CF and a Toyota Sienna SUV with vehicle registration No KRD 399 CG. He also bought a piece of land at No. 21A, Joy Avenue, Ajao Estate, Isolo, Lagos in 2009 at the cost of N25m and built on it in 2012 a three- story building estimated at N90m. He also bought a property at No 2, St. James Close Ajao Estate for N17m and built a five-bedroom duplex on it at the cost of N25m….. he is truly blessed jst like his nickname suggests……


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