Airport cleaner, who returned missing N12m, gets N680k


Monday Ubani’s Foundation took up Josephine Ugwu’s case after she found and returned N12m at the airport on Saturday, January 10, 2015. They promised to raise 10% of the money and give it to her. Part of the promise has been fulfilled after a
cheque of N680k was presented to her by Barrister Monday Ubani.

Josephine, during an interview with ENCOMIUM magazine, said: “I am very happy. Life is getting better for me, especially when people started coming to my aid. Though everything is not money. At the same time, I am grateful, things have changed for me. I really want a better job. Please, help me appeal to the FG to come to my aid and get me a better job. For now, I’ll continue with my job and at the same time start a business,”……. I’m thinking of investing d money in d sales n distribution of Ugwu leaves since my surname is Ugwu, she added……

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