Girl catches someone using her pictures to deceive people


It so happened that Tabitha ( @tabsyyy ) posted a picture 2 days ago in a lovely dress. The designer of the dress reposted the picture (obviously to advertise their brand) and tagged Tabitha in the picture. Then one of the followers of the designer saw picture
with the name @tabsyyy and wondered how that was her name because she already saw the same picture on the impersonator, Adefunmilayo Adetona’s page ( formerly @adefunmilayo__ but changed to @shitjustgotreal___ after being caught ).

The follower was sure that it was Funmi’s picture because she had already exchanged Dm’s with the Funmi in Tabitha’s body, several times. She then viewed @tabsyy’s page and saw a lot of Tabsyyy’s …. Funmi’s…. She was confused. Then she enquired from the real Tabitha….”Funmi do u have two accounts?”. This then put the real Tabitha on enquiry as well… She told her that she didnt understand the question. The follower told her that there was another account with all of her pictures on it.


Then they began to chat and so much was revealed. It turned out that Funmi had been using @tabsyy’s pictures on the account, to lure people. Tabitha’s pictures have been used to deceive many people. The real Tabitha looked up the account and realized that it had even been in existence for over a year and there were gazillions of her pictures on it. They didn’t stop on Instagram. Funmi is also using Tabitha’s pictures on Facebook…… ds is why I always advice ppl nt to choose to b a fine girl wt a beautiful body…… [ info sent in by @shadyville08 ( @tabsyy’s friend) modified by me ]

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