Nigerian girl who falsely accused someone of raping her has been jailed


Comfort Yinusa, 23, a London-based Underground worker was told she ‘let down’ genuine sex attack victims after she falsely accused an accountant of rape after he left her waiting for a lift home. The Kingston University drop-out was jailed for 8

months after she wasted more than 100 hours of police time following the 5am false report in October 2013, where she told officers she had been raped and sexually assaulted by the account and his friend.

The truth only came to light after police trawled through CCTV and mobile phone evidence to expose her lies. One of the suspects spent 14 hours and the other 16 hours in police custody. They were also subjected to a ‘humiliating’ ordeal, spending 6 weeks on bail and hours in police custody. .

The court heard how one of the men had felt ‘shocked, shame and stigma’ after being falsely accused by Yinusa, who had a history of cocaine and alcohol abuse….. d judge warned guys to b careful wt girls wt eyebrows dt look like d wings of a flying eagle……

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