Buhari orders the sale of 9 presidential aircraft to cut cost


He did this as part of the FG’s cost measures. Industry sources informed THISDAY that the presidential fleet is one of the largest in Africa and the third largest in Nigeria after Arik Air and Aerocontractors. The presidency has a
number of serviceable and unserviceable aircraft that need to be disposed of in order to reduce the amount spent by the FG for aircraft maintenance annually.

For years, the FG has spent over N12b annually for the maintenance of the fleet. The fleet, according to aviation sources, is believed to comprise about 16 aircraft, chief of which is the Boeing 738 BBJ, NAF 001 or Eagle One, used by the president for his travels. It can spend 12 hours in the air, covering 11,489km or 6,200 nautical miles.

It seats 25 to 50 passengers and would cost at least $100m to replace today. It has a luxury configuration comprising a master bedroom, washrooms and showers, a conference and dinning area, a living area….. and an inbuilt parking lot dt can accommodate 14 to 20 cars…..

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