Ex-cult leader tied to a log of wood and thrown into Lagos Lagoon


Godwin Victor, 30, aka Sangba, who was declared missing last week has been found dead. He was abducted by members of his former cult group for embracing normal life. Sangba’s hands and legs were tied, while a log of wood was also tied to his neck before he
was thrown into the Lagoon. Policemen recovered his corpse around the UNILAG waterfront last Thursday.

Godwin was the former leader of their group in the Akoka area of Lagos State. He left the group due to constant harassment by the police and for safety concerns. His wife, Eniola, said, “My husband is very popular in this community. Because of that, whenever there was a fight involving his friends and people’s property were destroyed, the police would arrest him.

He became unhappy with the bad name they were giving him, and he called them and said he wanted to quit street fighting. He met other cult groups and appealed to them to embrace peace and lay down their weapons. The groups agreed to a truce in December last year. But some of Sangba’s friends, who were opposed to the development, attacked him.

He was at a party in April, but he narrowly escaped. When the stress became too much for him, he decided to relocate to Port Harcourt. He later returned to Lagos on June 3, to look after his family and perfect plans to travel outside the country. He went to a club on Friday and was attacked and abducted.”…. He was 4rm Akwa Ibom so one can’t say throwing him into d lagoon was influenced by d threats made by someone few months ago…..

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