70-yr-old church elder butchers 60-yr-old wife over adultery


Pa Ita Daniel Okpo, a church and community elder in Mbiokporo, Akwa Ibom State, butchered Alice, with a machete, while she was sleeping. The Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Mike Okoli, while
parading him, said: “This man, Ita Daniel Okpo, in a most wicked act, slaughtered his wife with a machete and we arrested him.

When asked, he admitted to killing his wife but said the late wife, Alice, always quarreled with him and that she was the first to carry machete. Gentlemen, but our findings revealed that the woman was sleeping when she was hacked to death.”

In his confession, Okpo said: “I regret my action, but I was forced to kill her because it was too much on me. In fact, at a point, she openly told me she would rather kill me than to stop sleeping with these men. To match words with action, she had been fighting me several times. So, on that fateful day, while we fought, I killed her.”….. wen its not as if u r practicing “fastest fingers first” ahead of “who wants to be a millionaire,” ds is sad…..


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