Swearing on Whatsapp will result in $68,000 ( about N14m ) fine and deportation, UAE rules


Sending insults via messaging app Whatsapp in the UAE could result in a fine and even prison. Swearing at someone via WhatsApp in the UAE could land you in about N14m fine, under a new law. Those living in the country could

also face jail, and foreigners deportation.

The new law was brought to light when the UAE’s supreme court ordered the retrial of a man fined $800 for the offense, arguing the fine was too lenient. The man was convicted of swearing at a colleague using the smartphone instant messaging app. The exact words used by the defendant were not revealed by the court, which simply said that they were “insulting”, according to 7Days UAE.

The case against the man was brought under a cyber crime law introduced in the UAE in October last year that made online verbal insult a criminal offense. Lewd use of emoji, including the divisive eggplant, is thought to still be legal. Authorities in the UAE last month warned that sending a middle finger emoji symbol would also be punishable under the law….. bt u can still say “taaaaah, may thunder fire u”……

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