Nigerian OAP says Cool FM told her to choose between her job and marriage


One of the anchors of “The Good Morning Nigeria Show” and the anchor of “The Sunday Chill Out Zone and Tweet with Shine,” Shine Begho, left Cool Fm about a month ago after joining them in 2011. Now, in an interview with blogger, That 1960 Chick, she
said that her relationship with the management of the radio station diminished greatly, 2 months into her marriage when she was asked to move to Cool Fm, Abuja from Lagos despite knowing she was newly married.

In her words: “Things got worse after I got married, less than two months after getting married, I was told to go to move to Cool FM Abuja. My married life just started! I can’t leave my husband just like that! My position wasn’t considered at all even though I begged for management to see reason! It came across to me they didn’t care about my new life.

They said my husband didn’t have a say in this decision and indirectly told me to choose between my job and my marriage. Of course I choose my marriage! It was not a hard decision to make, I have been taken for granted, I have been stagnant, it was time to make a change.

I’m now in the process of starting up my own media company – Vendrika Media. Thank God for the support of a good husband, we are in this together. Since I left cool fm it’s been a blessing, it’s time to own my own thing, it’s not going to be easy but the end result is going to be huge and am excited.”….. d same person owns Cool Fm n Chocolate Royale, so he mst av transferred d anger stemming 4rm d closure of Chocolate Royale by NAFDAC on her…….

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