Anti-extravagance advocates, Senators Ben Bruce and Dino Melaye react to the wardrobe allowance.


Before their swearing on as senators, the two men openly kicked against outrageous allowances collected by lawmakers. So when the news of the N8.64 billion NASS wardrobe allowance broke yesterday, Nigerians called for their stance on
the issue. But while Ben Bruce was a little coy about it, Dino Melaye, still maintains his stance and remains emphatic. Dino said: “I stand solidly on what I earlier said about pay cut.


There must be a pay cut to Senators and House of Representative members. You can’t be talking about change and this kind of money in this country now when people are hungry. We must be sacrificious. We must show Nigerians that we must sacrifice by allowing a pay cut.”…… someone said Ben Bruce (Lee) was acting like he was going to go all Martial art on the NASS once it started, bt one small (9BN) he is now Ben Bruce (Flee)…..

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