After a woman promised to buy a car and a house for any man who weds her, men storm radio station.


This happened earlier today in Kano State after a woman went to Freedom Radio, yesterday to offer any man who marries her a car and a house. According to Twitter user, @Mo_gunx, who shared the gist and their photos, they

refused to leave and they said their pics must be taken to show her and they even demanded for her phone number. He said according to reports he got, the woman wasn’t mentally stable and possibly possessed by jinns.


The woman was alleged to have gone to Freedom Radio in a NAPEP, but offered a car and a house to suitors. The men wrote down their names despite all effort by the gatemen and chief security officer to disperse them. The mob of suitors were later dispersed by the police ….. who were also stylishly hanging around and walking like runway models to see whether d woman wld show up n pick one of them……


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