PR guru puts my senior colleague on blast


After so much pressure on me from the international communities, permit me to inform you that Tega Oghimienor is mad at Linda Ikeji and she is taking no prisoners. The reason is that Linda ran a post about her female friends who
are twins. In the post, she had claimed that the two girls married another set of twins and they both gave birth to boys who look alike when in actual sense, the two boys are also twins and the three set of twins only went for a photoshoot together. .


Dear Tega, this happens to the best of us. I was also a victim of wrong information yesterday. On behalf of sister Linda, I’m sorry. Please do accept my apologies…… to compensate for d trauma ds might av caused, Linda has decided to specially invite u n ur friends, as special guests, to Iyanya’s white wedding taking place at Vietnam by ds time next year bt u av to pay 4ur tickets. Truce? Pls smile n say YES!!!…….

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