Covenant University alumnus invents gas-powered pressing iron that work’s without electric light


Ayokunle Adeniran also known as Sean, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Covenant University, has invented a “nepaless” iron; a pressing iron that does not run on electricity. His #NEPALESSIron, as he likes to call it, is
a pressing iron that uses an inbuilt heating process, patented by him, to iron. It runs on butane gas. Works similarly to an electric iron.

Has temperature regulation by tuning gas mass flow rate and a gas cartridge that can last for 2 weeks of daily ironing ( about 40 pcs of clothes). Cartridge pack will be of 6 gas canister ( N120 per canister). He is now an Engineer with a Queens, NY based firm. Sean has always been known by his colleagues to be very inventive and enterprising, as a student he did everything from building prototype cars to helping students repair gadgets and even designing and selling lecture notebooks to pay for his tuition and other educational requirements.


One alumnus said: “There were festive periods where he would remain in school, working, thinking and innovating. Dreaming even. He didn’t have access to some of the basic luxuries most students had such as even a family to go home to during the holidays, so he would just do what he knows best…create.”…. wot he lacks in handsomeness was duly compensated for in terms of brilliancy…..

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