Anonymous Instagram handle puts Ketchup on blast for dumping Deborah for Mirah


Ketchup, the artist whose career took a nosedive after his smash hit, “show me ur rozay” and has been on downward spiral ever since then, finally has another chance to be famous. An Instagram handle, @kvng_101234, is calling him out for
dumping his Nigerian girlfriend, Daborah, for Mozambican girl, Mirah. Here is what the anonymous person is saying: “@mirah_miguel girl u cut anoda girl’s joy short by stealing her man.

@iamketchup has dated debbie for quite a long time and they were soo in love till u came into the picture. I remember him telling me how @iam_debz is the only woman he can ever love. Trust me i knew it was true cos ive known him for over a decade, though i met debz just twice.. .


@mirah_miguel girl im pretty sure @iamketchup is just using u to climb the charts in ur country cos he def cant leave debz trust me!! @iamketchup hmmm kejika now what i don’t understand is how you can leave a loyal woman hanging? A woman who stuck by u when the going was tough, helped you tow the right path and dis is how you treat her? .

Dannng after all the years in malay and just cos it seems you might be a superstar soon then you start looking for a trophy not so superstar gf? i’m really dying to know what Struthaz, Monday and Yomi had to say when you told them bout your evil plan to dump @iam_debz. .

Kejika you dont appreciate loyalty and thats the same reason why you tossed Aforke to the corner even after helping you become sorta a household name in Nigeria!!! @mirah_miguel if u block me then u are guilty cos trust me when @iamketchup is through with your ass he gon dump u .

@iam_debz girl you fresher, cuter and better than this dont sweat it and as for u @iamketchup dont worry when u come running to me for advice i wont be there to help you and i’m highly disappointed in u mtchewwwww…. bt wots wrong in replacing d “DEBO” in front or “RAH” wt “MI”?…

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