Despite threats, woman impregnated by a Boko Haram member vows not to abort


Um Haleema, a Boko Haram kidnap victim, was just 16 years old when she was kidnapped. During her captivity, she was forced to watch men, women and children slaughtered. She was also forced into marriage. And after 6 months, she
finally escaped. She arrived home to discover that her father had been killed by Boko Haram militants. She also found she had gotten pregnant for her Boko Haram husband. .

Now, 7 months along in her pregnancy, she has agreed to speak to CNN. The fear, she says, is still with her. This time, though, it’s the men in her own community she is scared of. Haleema who says abortion is out of the question for her says: “People in this village are rejecting me because of the pregnancy. .


Some will be happy to have me dead. Many people are even saying that I should go for an abortion. They’ve let me know that they will not tolerate the children of Boko Haram living amongst them. They have threatened to kill both me and the baby.”….. she has since been receiving a lot of commendations for her strong will n well fixed artificial nails…..

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