Pastor finally explains the cause of his collapse and his dream of an Igbo giant


Pastor Tunde Bakare has offered the first details after his May 18th collapse while on the stage of his Latter Rain Assembly church. In a YouTube video of this past Sunday’s sermon, he told the congregation that the cause was exhaustion: too
much work, too much people’s pressure. And he had not been taking enough water.

He also recalled a premonition he had during a dream. He said: “one afternoon I had a dream. It was an unusual dream. I saw a ring on my little finger. I don’t wear two rings, I only wear one. I looked up and coming from my left side was an unusual giant I’d never seen before. It was unusually humongous and wore an Igbo attire.

It was a giant and it was coming towards me. All that I knew to do was raise the ring up. As soon as I raise it it laughed and went on. I returned.” He however was not able to explain many more details of what the giant could mean or why it wore Igbo attire…… but there r speculations dt d giant might b uncle Amadioha or one of his younger brothers……

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