For causing an earthquake, four naked tourists get arrested in Malaysia


They were arrested after they posed naked on a sacred mountain. They have now been blamed for the 6.0 magnitude earthquake which killed 18 climbers last Friday. The pictures circulated on social media show the men were completely nude, while most, of the
women were topless. Sabah Deputy Chief Minister, Joseph Pairin Kitingan, has blamed the tragedy on the foreigners for showing ‘disrespect to the sacred mountain’ by posing naked at the peak.


He has said a special ritual will be conducted to appease the mountain spirit. ‘We detained all 4 of them and yes we are still searching for the other 6, and we will catch them,’ said Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman, the police commissioner for the Malaysian State of Sabah. Those detained might be charged for causing public nuisance…… and executed if found guilty…..

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