Housewife docked for killing a medical doctor who was her brother-in-law


Mrs Obiageli Oriuwa, 36, a housewife who stabbed doctor Ikechukwu Oriuwa, to death has been arraigned for willfully murder. Obiageli stabbed him to death at their family house in Lagos during an argument last year. She is married to
Ikechukwu’s elder brother and they both lived in the same house, belonging to their father, with their wives and children.

She had been fighting him to leave the house with his family, because she claimed that the house belongs to her husband, since he is the first son of their father. On the day the incident happened, Obiageli got a knife and stabbed Ikechukwu on the chest and he bled profusely and collapsed. She has now relocated to Kirikiri maximum prison pending the determination of the case….. bt she is still adamant dt she doesn’t want to see Ikechukwu’s wife n children in d house wen she is released…..

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