Nigerian musician and comedian accused of paying N5000 for ‘broken condom’ sex, PULSE reports


The disgraceful drama played out last Saturday, in a hotel at Wuse, Abuja after Maleke was accused of paying a girl N5,000 for sex despite ‘bursting a condom’ during the act. The visibly angry girl stood outside the upscale hotel, and screamed insults at her
stingy lover. “Maleke, Maleke, see your name sef. You go dey f**k f**k, one day you go f**k dead body,” the girl screamed.

When another woman in the compound tried to appease the girl urging her not to embarrass herself, she screamed: “N5,000 for bursting condom? Let me embarrass myself. Let people know what he did. He can’t get away with it.”


She then continued with her rant: “Your mother gave birth to an animal not a human being. How can he give me N5,000? N5,000?! God will punish you! God will never forgive you! E no go better for you.” She was eventually convinced to leave the hotel compound after Maleke failed to show his face. All efforts by PULSE to speak to Maleke proved abortive as he was said to have gone to church following the incident…… to pray against contacting any disease as a result of d broken condom…..

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