Nigerian girl charged for falsely accusing Nigerian accountant of rape


Comfort Yinusa, 23, an underground worker in the UK , is facing jail for accusing an accountant she met at a nightclub of rape after he left her waiting for a lift home outside McDonald’s for 45 minutes. She became angry after the victim was late returning to

give her a lift back to her hotel following a night out. When he finally arrived to pick her up, she stormed off and called her boyfriend, Kenneth Umezie, who was also in court yesterday, to pick her up instead.

On the drive home, she then told Kenneth, who she has since split from, that she had been raped by the accountant and sexually assaulted by his friend. She later called 999 to report the alleged incidents and the two men were arrested and held in a cell for at least 14 hours before being released on bail. It took 5 further weeks of investigations – including 4 forensic evidence, mobile phone data and CCTV footage to be studied – for Yinusa’s allegations to be proved false.


However, she refused to admit her lies until just before the trial last month. She would be sentenced on Friday for making the false rape claim after she admitted perverting the course of justice between October 25, 2013 and January 3 last year. She was once an abuser of cocaine, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has a caution for shoplifting….. add those to being a beautiful liar and a convict in view. Many wld kill 2av all ds in their CV. She is such a blessed girl…..

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