Scorned sidechic apologizes after exposing Osi Umenyiora


Osi and his former miss universe wife were just preparing for their church wedding yesterday when the girl started dishing out marriage-breaking details about Osi. She has now tendered her apologies to everyone. Her post above and statement below: “I’m a human being. Not
unflawed in any way. I respect and humbly accept everyone’s opinion.

This itty bitty Instagram with a few posts is me transferring my situation to others while it matters. If one woman reads this who was; or currently is in the same situation and she finds strength to let go of her vices. Then my mistakes are not in vain. If one woman who believed everyone’s life is perfect besides hers based upon pictures; realizes every picture has a back story and no ones life is as perfect as it seems.

Then my mistakes; my pain and my lessons learned shall not be in vain. There is so much more to the story; I am aware I will be villainized; however I was not the only party involved & I wish peace to everyone who may be hurt. It will come.”….. to prove dt she has truly moved on, she’d b visiting the newly wedded couple at their honeymoon location to spend a day or 2 wt them…….

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