John Fashanu’s daughter calls Joseph Yobo’s mother-in-law a black widow, releases pics of abuse


John Fashanu’s daughter has slammed his estranged wife, Abigail Onyewelu, calling her a “black widow” who had her father under her spell. The London-based fashion designer, Amal, in an interview with UK Magazine, Sunday People, said : “Abigail is the
master of subtle manipulation. She has been dubbed the black widow back home in Nigeria and it is spot on. .

While they were together I went from seeing my dad once a month to once a year. He vanished from his children’s lives. When I called to find out how he was and asked him to fly to London to see me, he would just say he couldn’t talk. I could sense Abigail was in the background, controlling him. He has always had that tough-guy image but it was as though she brainwashed him.


I know he suffered domestic abuse. Dad told me she attacked him more than 6 times, even though he only reported it 3 times to the police. One attack was with a sword. Another was with a glass. He also told me she’d fritter away £2,500 ‘play money’ he gave her, then ask for more. He was stupid and senseless but he feels huge regret now and is finally happy and free of her.

She claims she is 48 but dad told me she is actually several years older than him. He has stunning women of my age throwing themselves at him, yet he went for her. Abigail was obviously good fun in the bedroom, because I can’t think what else she had going for her. He has said Abigail was always around women, though. She has asked him to retract comments that she is a lesbian because she wants to be a pastor.”…… n hopefully do deliverance for my dad…..

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