‘I am not Yusuf Buhari’ – young man cries out


Three days ago, the picture of Muhammad Kabir Hadejia, based in turkey, went viral. And it was supposedly that of Yusuf Buhari and his girlfriend. A friend of his alerted him on his twitter page. He has now issued a statement to clear the air on the issue. In the
statement, he said: “My name is Muhammad Kabir Hadejia.

There’s a picture of myself and my sister that has gone viral on the internet with people claiming it is Yusuf Buhari, the son of the president. I see news pages on Facebook and Twitter spreading the false news. I strongly deny it. I take this issue very dangerous to my safety. Attached are my pictures so you can compare to confirm I’m real”…… and I’m even more handsome than Yusuf n my sister is finer than Zahra……


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