Wale Gates finally apologizes for mocking Adams Oshiomole. Deactivates his Twitter account


After Gov. Oshiomole’s wedding, the UK based comedian had made jest of him saying “girls should do well in school or else ANYTHING will climb on them,” in a tweet that has now gone viral. It backfired and he was lashed by many Nigerians for going too far with his
joke. He had initially said he wouldn’t apologize but now he has. This is his open letter: “I recently deactivated my twitter account. Mainly because I realized I was making too many errors of judgement. .

As an edgy comic and an outspoken person I occasionally forget that people’s threshold about what’s funny is very different from mine. In hindsight the Oshiomole marriage tweet from me should have been worded differently, so for this I REGRET THE TWEET. While some people including friends gave an honest opinion about d tweet saying it was offensive, a lot more people crossed d line (just like me) from trolling me to “a dog raping your daughter” to a “taming the mad dog WALE GATES” articles, I must confess I underestimated Nigerians’ ability to criticize or overreact.


The tweet was deleted 2days after but some trolls weren’t going to let it go, they wanted blood. Once again I REGRET THE TWEET, I feel it’s best i deactivate my account as my punishment for getting it wrong, although some would prefer I be locked up and shot in d head. Anyway I’m sure many people would be happy they won’t have to be subjected to my tweets and views again. I don’t mind not being liked, I hate to be misunderstood. #bottomlineAccountshutdown #UntilfurtherNotice

I’m sure some would see this as their victory, okay by me if it helps u sleep well at night. God bless d New Administration of President Buhari. Happy Democracy Day Nigeria.”…. Gov. Oshiomole has also accepted his apologies is now thinkin of makin him his wife’s P.A to at least gt him busy….

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