Chinenye Lauretta Ufearoh-Onoh cries as GEJ bows out


The UK based business analyst took to her Facebook page to bid GEJ farewell with a long poem titled “GEJ my GEJ”. Here is an excerpt from it: “Gej my Gej, They called me names just cuz I supported u. I lost friends just cuz I was your fan, they said I was a
prostitute just cuz I wouldn’t let their timeline rest for over 6 months, consistently my posts were Gej transformation this, Gej transformation that.

They said I was paid just cuz I stayed most times all night and all day online defending u. Gej my Gej, Honestly there is something unique about u. Ur humility made me pick interest in politics. Ur love for ur wife, made me pray for every single lady desiring a man to get a man with the kind of heart u have, a peaceful caring heart.

Ur love for my people was immeasurable, u were the first to appoint an Igbo to be COAS and so many more position. Gej my Gej, ur love for education for the less privilege especially the almajiris has inspired me to set up a foundation that will help widows start a trade and orphans go back to school to be launched sometime this year.

Gej my Gej, ur economy policies through one of the best brains in Africa the one and only Nkojo Iweala made Nigeria become Africa’s biggest economy.

Gej my Gej, they used boko haram to blackmail u, yet u refused to go level towns and cities where they were hiding just because u thought of d innocents that will be killed for doing nothing, yet they called u names and wanted u to go in and shed more innocent blood..

Gej my Gej, u made sure Stella Oduah fixed most of our airports and so far she is d best aviation Minster ever. U’ve shown meekness and desire for peace by accepting defeat even when it was glaring that u could have made it difficult considering that they purposely made sure voters didn’t get their voters card in some region and also card readers didn’t work in ur strong base on d day of election, this disfranchised more than 4m voters in d SS and SE but u chose d path of peace just so my people living up north will sleep and do their businesses in peace.”….. she vows nt to stop crying until GEJ gts to Otueke…..

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