Man disfigured ex-wife by sending thugs to give her a facelift with acid


All had been well between Ajayi Olatunbosun, a successful Okada rider, and his wife, Bamidele Otakiti, since they moved to Lagos in 2005 until few months ago when satan succeeded in pouring an ample amount of sand into the “gari” of their relationship. This led to
their separation in February, 2015. Prior to the divorce, Ajayi had on several occasions accused Otakiti, a mother of three, of adultery but despite this, he had pleaded with her not to divorce him but she said “nah nah nah” and dumped him.

He then sent a two-man assailant team to her shop on April 21 with acid and baptized her face with it. Ajayi initially denied being involved, but later owned up after being thoroughly “quizzed.” He confessed, saying Otakiti had been flaunting her beauty and committing adultery…… n dt he was jst trying to help her make heaven by forcing her to quit adultery in his own little way……

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