US discloses fresh evidence against Kashamu as they prepare his extradition


Following the house arrest of senator-elect from Ogun State, Buruji Kashamu, by the NDLEA, U.S Department of Justice has said it is fully ready to assist Nigeria with proper documentation on his extradition and express trial before a US District Judge in
Chicago, Judge Charles Richard Norgle.

Apart from using the name of his younger brother, Adewale Kashamu – who the accused had claimed is dead – to obtain a Nigerian passport with registration number A870428 to transport drugs from Nigeria and the FederaL Republic of Benin into U.S.A for several years up till 1994, Norgle said Kashamu, the leader of the drug cartel which had its base in Chicago, Illinois, had also used pseudo names like ‘Alhaji, Kasmal and Daddy’ for the illicit deals.

The international passport was issued on April 20, 1990 in Abuja and it expired on April 19, 1995. Other members of the drug cartel who are presently observing jail terms in different US prisons are Emmanuel Ugbade, Toun, Nicolas Fillmore, Cleary Wolters, Ellen Wolters, Oumiou Samadou, Gbenga Giwa and Akim Shokunbi.

Investigations also discovered video proofs which U.S legal department is willing to tender before Norgle as parts of the body of evidences showing that the accused had been going in and out of America to conduct drug-related business, contrary to his claims that he had “never stepped feet” on the soil of the country.

Kashamu was arrested in Britain in 1998 and unconditionally released in 2003. The judges said that they were releasing Kashamu who, upon his arrest, had over £350,000 in his possession, because the US Justice Department could not substantiate its claims that he was the most wanted Alhaji Adewale Kashamu who was allegedly mentioned by others arrested as their principal conspirator….. USA has also assured Nigerians dt they’d ensure their illustrious son has steady access to his hot Amala n cold bottle of Moët behind bars…..

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